• CORRECT DOSE CHILDREN'S COUGH & CONGESTION DM is specially formulated to temporarily relieve coughing due to minor throat irritation and cold symptoms, as well as help loosen mucus and phlegm. Relieves symptoms for 4 hours per dose when taken as directed. 


    MADE FOR DOSING SAFETY - No measuring, no spilling, no risk contamination. Single-use vials are pre-measured and wrapped in protective child resistant packaging to prevent accidental over dosing. The travel ready vials can be taken anywhere you go. TSA compliant

    Children's Cough & Chest Congestion DM

    SKU: Cough & Chest ages 4-12
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    • DOSEAGE DIRECTIONS: do not use for children under 4 | 4 to under 6 years use 1 single use vial (5ml each) every 4 hours | 6 to under 12 years  2 single use vials (5ml each) every 4 hours | adults and children 12 years & over 4 single use vials (5ml each) every 4 hours