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Traveling with Your Toddlers? Are You Ready?

Traveling with kids can be a joyful, bonding experience like no other And we all know travel can be exhausting.

Parents know how hectic life can be with toddlers. Taking trips with these youngsters requires MUCH planning and packing.

Preparing for one week away from home can feel like you are taking a year-long journey!

The parent's role becomes a combination of playing pack mule and shepherd.

According to child development experts, a child's attention span is about 3-5 minutes per year in age.

Preparing for your children's needs while away is nothing short of a logistical feat. It's good to start with a list: clothing, diapers, toys, books, and snacks…lots of snacks.

You can never be over prepared! It is important to let the little ones pick out a few items to bring, but you may need to discreetly edit some of the noisier choices out of consideration to your fellow travelers. has a great guide to surviving family travel. Your Guide to Stress-Free Family Travel

Some tips from the article:

Bring the basics. Always pack medications, including a fever and pain reliever (acetaminophen, ibuprofen), a stomach med, a thermometer, and, of course, plenty of bandages. Also, a bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes can be a lifesaver when you're traveling.

Know local hospitals. If your child does get sick, the first place to go is the front desk at the hotel. They should have information for the local medical professionals. But it's also a good idea to make a list of the ERs in the area (and how you can get there) before you leave home.

Correct Dose children's products are especially useful when traveling with little ones.

Rather than packing a small medicine cabinet with bottles of liquid medicine, and respective measuring devices, parents can choose Correct Dose TSA-compliant, pre-measured, single-use vials. Each vial comes in a protective pouch enhancing portability and acting as a light barrier to preserve freshness and efficacy.

When you are prepared, it's easier to make great memories on your journeys as well as your destinations.

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