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As the inventors of the premier safe, accurate single-use, and dose-specific delivery system, we provide a better way for all ages to take OTC liquid medication and supplements. 

Our patented vials fill a vital role in dosing safety. In focusing on safety and convenience, we are committed to providing the highest quality medications in the safest possible way.

Leigh is the CEO of Correct Dose. Leigh has extensive experience in establishing and running successful businesses with both traditional and virtual business models. Leigh has 28 years of experience as C level corporate executive in addition to being an entrepreneur with ownership of several small businesses. 

 As an innovative leader driven by a mission to help, she has led countless small businesses to achieve their full potential.  She has impeccable leadership acumen and an ability to inspire loyal, high-performing teams of professionals in pursuit of synergy, prosperity, and profit. Her passion is midsize business startups. Her sweet spot is pharmaceuticals.

Bonnie is Director of Operations at Correct Dose.    She has over 17 years of marketing and management experience in the pharmaceutical industry with HealthStar, Inc, where she directed all marketing and business development functions, and developed the customer relationship and inventory management systems.  Bonnie holds a BS in Business from Northeastern University with dual degrees in marketing and management.

Leigh Reynolds | Chief Executive Officer

Jack Lodge | Co-Founder & Board Member

Jack Lodge is a co-founder of Correct Dose, Inc., and sits on the Company’s Board of Directors.  

He has over 25 years’ experience in leadership of private equity and venture-backed companies and is currently the Executive Vice President of Customer Success for NWN.  Prior to NWN, Jack was President of Global Capacity, and has held leadership positions at CentrePath, GiantLoop, Nortel Networks, Bay Networks, and Wellfleet Communications. 

Jack holds a BA from the College of the Holy Cross and an MBA from Northeastern University.

A bit about us

Our Correct Dose team is commited to providing dosing safety to people of all ages

Bonnie Cote | Director of Operations

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